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Rutgers at ConSoLE 28

Rutgers Linguistics was well-represented in Barcelona this year at the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Student Organisation of Linguistics in Europe [ConSoLE]. Second year graduate student Wenyue Hua gave a talk on Free Choice readings on Jan. 29th, and third year Meg Gotowski presented her research with Prof. Troy Messick via a poster the same day. Titles and links are as follows:

Wenyue giving talk




Wenyue Hua. Free Choice Reading of Sentences with Predicates over Propositional Expressions.  Talk.






Meg Gotowski & Troy Messick. What Quoi-Sluices Reveal about Ellipsis and Wh-Clitics in French. Poster.

Meg in Barcelona










The full program for the conference can be found here.