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Rutgers at SCiL

Rutgers will be well-represented at the 2020 meeting for the Society for Computation in Linguistics (co-located with LSA)! All three poster presentations will be given on Thursday, Jan. 2nd from 3-4pm during the “Formal Language Theory in Linguistics Works in Progress” session (and the conference continues through Sunday the 5th) at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. They are listed as follows:


Huteng Dai (Rutgers) and Richard Futrell (UC Irvine). Information-theoretic Characterization of the Subregular Hierarchy.

Shiori Ikawa (Rutgers University), Akane Ohtaka (Rutgers University), and Adam Jardine (Rutgers University). Quantifier-free Tree Transductions.

Eric Meinhardt (UC San Diego), Anna Mai (UC San Diego), Eric Baković (UC San Diego), and Adam McCollum (Rutgers University). Questioning to Resolve Transduction Problems.


If you’d like to take a look at the rest of the program, click here.