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Rutgers Linguistics at AMP 2019!


The Rutgers Department of Linguistics is proud to announce that we were well represented during the 7th Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP) this year at Stonybrook University on October 11-13, 2019.

Presentations were given by some of our current students and faculty:

Dine, Wenyue, Huteng, Eileen, Chris, Nate from left to right

Adam McCollum. Sonority-driven stress and vowel reduction in Uyghur. Talk.

Chris Oakden. Spreading, Copying, and Notational Equivalence in Tonal Geometry. Poster.

Nate Koser and Adam Jardine. Stress Assignment and subsequentiality. Talk.

Tadjou-N’Dine Mamadou (Dine) and Adam Jardine. Representation and the Computation of Tone Processes. Poster.


As well as some of our alumni:

Group photo

Shu-Hao Shih. Enhanced Metrical Theory and Sonority-Driven Stress. Poster.

Natalie Delbusso. Learning and restrictiveness with Properties. Poster.

Natalie Delbusso and William G. Bennett. Cross-level correspondence in Q-theory. Poster.

Eric Bakovic and Anna Mai. Cumulative constraint interaction and the equalizer of HG and OT. Poster. 


You can check out the full program here!