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Crop scouting reports and pest management tips

Below are links to in season reports and outreach I post on a regular basis on the Plant Pest Advisory Site for row crop, poultry and livestock producers. Consumer Price Index for Food Highest Since 1980 Kentucky’s Combine Checklist to Prevent Wheat Bin Pests Corn emerging. Scout now for black cutworm Ideal conditions for wheat … Read More

Post Flooding: Adverse weather and livestock herd health information

Below is a post I provided for the Plant Pest Advisory . If you have not already subscribed to this site, please go to the site and select the commodity group listserve signup. September 3, 2021 “If producers have concerns about flooded pastures and forage quality; or concerns about heavy metal contamination in flood contaminated water … Read More

Dangerous heat index for livestock this week   The next few days will see much of NJ trapped in a heat index that is of significant concern for livestock with little air movement. Cattle: Cattle have a lower tolerance for heat stress than humans. Cattle experience heat stress above 75 degrees F and with temperatures expected to be above 100 degrees … Read More

Checklist for Calving Success April 19th: 7 pm to 8 pm

Title: Checklist for Calving Success, virtual on Cisco Webex.   Presenter: Melissa Bravo, M.S. Assistant Professor, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Salem County   Synopsis: In this half hour presentation, Melissa will review heifer and cow condition scoring before calving; calving health scenarios related to weather, nutrition, cow condition and calf presentation; quick actions one should take … Read More

What is a dummy calf?

  March 19, 2021 What is a dummy calf? This condition refers to a newborn calf that has no voluntary muscle movement. Legs are stiff and unbendable. The calf is either born dead or presents with labored breathing and dies soon after parturition. This is due to the heart muscle being affected. Calves are often … Read More

Recent Extreme Weather Events: Animal Deaths Linked to Toxic Plant and Pest Outbreaks

Bravo, M.A. 2021. Recent Extreme Weather Events: Animal Deaths Linked to Toxic Plant and Pest Outbreaks. NEPPC, January 5 (virtual) Northeastern Plant Pest Conference Abstract: “Centuries of research and post-mortem findings document poisonous plants, plant-pest, plant-bacterial, plant-pesticides and accumulating toxic levels of soil elements in forage and grain in all stages of harvest, either by … Read More

Crop and Livestock Group Signup

February 17, 2021 Salem, Gloucester, and Cumberland growers: Please send me a text to sign up for a group alert for the following weekly scouting report updates when applicable. Or to join a commodity meeting. The alert will direct you to the appropriate page on this website.           Animal waste management … Read More