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National Agriculture Day

March 23, 2021 Many of my professional colleagues on social media are posting on their personal pages today in appreciation of the local farming community in their network, region, state, nation and abroad. When I look back on my agriculture journal of appreciations, I think of the integrity and ethics of the following:       … Read More

Can you solve these Agriculture Riddles?

Can you solve these Agriculture Riddles? The following riddle was published in the ‘Spring Fun Guide, Roadmap to RCE created by: Amelia Valente, Ocean County 4-H Program Associate Spring 2021 in collaboration with Salem County RCE Road Map to RCE of Salem   Fore gut I have for _______________ my food, not my homebrew. … Read More

USDA Wildlife Services Posts Data on Bird Damage

“On March 17, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) wildlife damage management program, Wildlife Services (WS), posted its annual Program Data Reports (PDR) for fiscal year (FY) 2020.” – APHIS Stakeholder Registry, March 17, 2021. To learn more about this program and a link to the data go to  

What is a dummy calf?

  March 19, 2021 What is a dummy calf? This condition refers to a newborn calf that has no voluntary muscle movement. Legs are stiff and unbendable. The calf is either born dead or presents with labored breathing and dies soon after parturition. This is due to the heart muscle being affected. Calves are often … Read More

Base 50 GDD tracking 2021 season

March 8, 2021 Growing degree days as calculated by the Climate Smart Farming CSF Growing Degree Day Calculator at  The blustery winds last week heralded the return of spring. A check of the cumulative growing degree days using base 50 F since January 1, 2021 shows conditions are nearly normal for the 15 year … Read More

Bumble bees are already busy in greenhouse crops

As the air temperature outside reaches 50 degrees bumble bee queens should be emerging with their new brood of workers. Greenhouse growers are already using bumble bee workers to pollinate flowers on crops like tomatoes. A box of bumble bee workers arrived yesterday at the Buzby Farm in Salem County.             … Read More

Snow geese grazing and wheat coming out of dormancy

Migrating geese grazing late fall planted wheat. March 3, 2021. Depending on when wheat was planted last fall, plants coming out of dormancy this week will be in Feeks growth stage 1 (rapid leaf development but not yet tilling). Zadoks growth stages 0 through 5 further define individual leaf expression. This field having one collar … Read More