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Undergraduate Eligibility

To participate in the School of Nursing Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program, students must meet the following eligibility requirements
  • Must demonstrate an educationally and economically disadvantaged background
  • Must be a New Jersey resident 12 consecutive months prior to receiving the award
  • Must apply and be accepted to a participating New Jersey college or university
  • Must meet the academic criteria as set by the institution of choice
  • Must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the New Jersey Alternative Financial Aid Application.

Gross income and assets must fall within the criteria shown:

2024-2025 EOF Income Eligibility Scale with Asset Cap Calculation

Gross Income
(Not to Exceed)
Max. Asset Cap
(Not to Exceed)
1 $29,160 $5,832
2 $39,440 $7,888
3 $49,720 $9,944
4 $60,000 $12,000
5 $70,280 $14,056
6 $80,560 $16,112
7 $90,840 $18,168
8 $101,120 $20,224
*** Add $10280 for each
additional family member
Add $2056 for each
additional family member


For more information regarding income eligibility please visit:


How to Apply for Admissions

  • First Year Students
    • All  High School Students MUST complete both the Rutgers Application and the EOF Supplemental Application
    • For First-year applicants: (First-year, first-time, fall term)
      • Rutgers Admissions Pre-Screen Process – 2021 tax year documentation
      • Rutgers Financial Aid Post-Admit Process – 2022 tax year documentation
      • For more information on what steps are needed to apply, please click here.
  • Transfer Students 
    • Non-Rutgers students cannot transfer directly into the Nursing program. You must first enroll in an academic unit at Rutgers University and complete the School of Nursing requirements before considering the School-to-School transfer route.
    • Please visit the SON Admissions website for additional information regarding the School to School Transfer process
  • Blackwood Students
    • Please indicate that you either qualified for EOF at your previous school, or wish to be considered for EOF based on our income eligibility guidelines listed above.
    • For more information about admissions at our Blackwood campus, please contact Mr. Michael Varano Associate Director for Student Engagement at

Apply Now

Financial Aid Information

  • In order for an incoming admitted student to be confirmed eligible for EOF, the Office of Financial Aid must do a full income verification which requires students to submit specific documents.
  • Students may track and review a list of required documents in your financial aid portal via the myRutgers dashboard, by clicking on the check requirement documents button below.
  • All documents must be submitted by June 1st.
Check Required Financial Aid Documents


Important Financial Aid Deadlines

  • 2024-2025 FAFSA Available Online -December 2023
  • Incoming Students FAFSA Filing Deadline – June 30, 2024.


Admissions Contacts

 For assistance with the application process or if you have general questions about admissions to the SN-EOF program at our Newark Campus, please contact Ms. Paula Venable Senior Counselor and Admissions Administrator at or 973-353-3840


For assistance with the application process or if you have general questions about admissions to the SN-EOF at our Blackwood campus, please contact Mr. Michael Varano Assistant Dean for Student Engagement and Wellbeing at