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This eight (8) week course is an introduction to the clinical experience that is designed to help prepare students for upper division nursing courses. This program is mandatory for all EOF Scholars prior to entering their junior year. The students learn theoretical principles through didactic instruction that allows them to apply their critical thinking skills. The students also learn basic nursing skills and practice one-on-one and with mannequins in the skills lab.

Another great feature of the program is the 3-week clinical component. Students are provided access to local hospital settings and gain hands on clinical knowledge. The clinical experience focuses on the professional nursing role, communication skills, therapeutic nurse-patient relationships and applying knowledge specific to health in the care of individuals.

It is our hope that students who participate in this summer program gain knowledge and confidence that will enable them to be successful in their upper division nursing classes.


For more information about the Pre-Junior Clinical Program, please contact Ms. Paula Venable, Pre-Junior Clinical Director at