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Yosayra F. Solano, Ed.D.


Dr. Yosayra Solano is the Director for the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program at the School of Nursing at Rutgers University- Newark.  Dr. Solano oversees the EOF department’s day-to-day operations, including supervising the counselors and professional staff, implementing retention strategies, maintaining accurate reports, budget management, and coordinating and implementing program policies and procedures. Additionally, Dr.

Anyelina Diaz, MA

Associate Director

Ms. Anyelina Diaz is the Associate Director/EOF Manager for the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program at the School of Nursing at Rutgers University-Newark. Ms. Diaz oversees the EOF department’s financial aid grant process, supervises the EOF counselor staff, and provides programmatic oversight of the recruitment plan and academic support activities. Additionally, she supports the Summer

Anne D’Italia Papianni, BA

Senior Administrative Assistant

Anne D’Italia Papianni graduated in 1981 from Rutgers University-Newark, School of Arts and Sciences.  Her major fields of study were Sociology with a concentration in Social Work and Theater Arts and Speech with a concentration in Communications, Television and Broadcasting. During her time in school she worked part time while serving as the Vice President

Lori Van Walters-Truell, BA

Senior Counselor- Special Programs

Lori Van Walters-Truell has worked in higher education for over 40 years.  A graduate of Rutgers University and an EOF alum, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry.  With a passion to encourage minority students to overcome their apprehension about science, she has worked at Union County College, Bloomfield College and for the

Paula Venable, MA

Senior Counselor- Admissions & Recruitment

Paula Venable has worked with nursing students for over 25 years. Her greatest joy is helping minority nursing students pursue their dream of becoming nurses. Her mission is to ensure that there are future generations of nurses who are delivering culturally competent care to the communities they serve. She is passionate about nursing and is


Developmental Specialist

Krizia Ko serves as the Rutgers School of Nursing EOF Developmental Specialist. In this role, she is responsible for academic monitoring, facilitating group workshops/support classes, the EOF peer tutor program, and developing the EOF Nursing program in all modalities for the success of our EOF students. Additionally, Krizia is a board-certified Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with