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Before requesting a site using the Sites@Rutgers platform, all users must agree to adhere by the following guidelines.

Acceptable Use

Content on all Rutgers-affiliated sites must comply by all Rutgers University policies, acceptable computing use guidelines, modern cybersecurity standards, and federal and state laws.

Content Guidelines

  • Copyrighted content may not be reproduced on Sites@Rutgers sites unless covered under fair use regulations or obtained with permission.
  • Illegal, discriminatory, and obscene content may not be reproduced on Sites@Rutgers sites.
  • Restricted or internal information (as deemed by the Rutgers Information Classification policy) may not be reproduced on Sites@Rutgers sites.
  • Academic course materials that belong on the course’s Learning Management System may not be hosted on Sites@Rutgers sites.
  • Further content guidelines may be developed at will by individual departments when necessary.

Usage Guidelines

  • Sites@Rutgers may not be used to create personal websites that are irrelevant to Rutgers.
  • Sites may not be used for personal gain or self-promotion that is irrelevant to Rutgers.
  • Sites may not contain any form of commercial advertising, including outbound links.
  • Sites may not be used to perform credit card transactions or raise any type of funds.

Style Guidelines

  • All sites must adhere by the Rutgers web style guide.
  • All sites must link back to the homepage.
  • No custom WordPress themes and plugins are permitted.
  • Site aesthetic, while customizable, must ultimately remain in line with Rutgers branding.
  • All sites must comply with the Rutgers IT Accessibility Initiative and remain accessible for all users with disabilities.

Inactivity Policy

  • Sites with no user activity within 6 months of their creation will be marked for decommissioning.
  • Sites with Site Owners without an active Rutgers faculty/staff role will be deactivated after 6 months and then removed completely after 12 months effective from the relevant role end date.


Any site found violating one or more of these guidelines will have the offending content in question removed. Major violations may result in complete site removal, revocation of web privileges, disciplinary measures, and potential legal action or loss of employment. Rutgers reserves the right to remove any website at any time for any given reason.