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A Nanoparticle Summer

With a beautiful summer in full swing, vacations and trips to the beach we are all getting a lot of exposure to the rays of the sun. Often we are aware of the dangers of burning our skin and apply sunscreen (often not enough as we are told by the dermatologists) however, on many occasions we tend to forget about the dangers of sun exposure. It has been documented that when we go out to do some summer time gardening or mow the grass, few people think of using sunscreens and return home with a sunburn.

Another issue is that in the US few sunscreens provide the necessary full protection across the UV spectrum so we end up damaging our skin over time. This has major implications not only for the melanoma statistics but also for skin aging.

The CDR is hosting Dr. Linda Rhein on Monday August 4th who will talk about the mechanisms of skin photo damage and how we can protect skin with sunscreens. She will provide us with an understanding of the mechanisms and the issues surrounding their use as well as what happens in the skin when you don’t apply your sunscreen often enough and in the right quantities. She will be discussing new products that are now on the market that cover a broader range UVA, UVB as well as UVA II rays as well as the advantage of using nanoparticulate mineral sunscreens.

Dr. Rhein is currently at Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals and has a background in chemistry, membrane and lipid biochemistry and has published over 50 scientific papers and several books in skin research. She is the past President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and is noted for her contributions to skin lipids, mechanisms of moisturization of skin and surfactant irritation.