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New Publication: Nanospheres with a Smectic Hydrophobic Core and an Amorphous PEG Hydrophilic Shell: Structural Changes and Implications for Drug Delivery

Understanding the internal structure of nanospheres can give clues to effective drug delivery Nanospheres are often regarded as little homogenous balls with a readily recognizable size. This study shows that some nanospheres have a layered structure such that the size depends on the layers that are included in the measurement, and provides a detailed view … Read More

The Importance of Vitamin A in Cosmeceutics

Over two decades ago, the importance of Vitamin A and cosmeceutics was pioneered by the likes of Kligman and Fernandes. Today high dose topical antioxidant Vitamins A and C are widely recognized for their significant rejuvenating / anti-aging aesthetic properties, as well as important benefits against precancerous lesions in the case of Vitamin A. The … Read More