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Dr. Michniak-Kohn speaks at the FDA /CDER’s Center for Advancing Scientific Education (CASE) Workshop

Dr. Krishnaiah Yellela of FDA/CDER organized a course on “Product Quality of Transdermal Systems” which Dr. Bozena Michniak-Kohn spoke at earlier this month. The venue was the FDA’s White Oak campus in Silver Spring, MD.  The White Oak campus of the FDA was impressive with many new buildings and excellent laboratory facilities and equipment. The … Read More

Stem Cell Day

Stem Cell Day – The Skin Harbors the Body’s Largest Reservoir of Stem Cells You may not be aware that the skin harbors the body’s the largest reservoir of stem cells. There are products now appearing on the market that advertise that they contain “stem cells”, mainly from plants. These claims pose several important questions. … Read More