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Excipient Graduate Student Scholarships Awardee

Ms. Tannaz Ramezanli, a Ph.D. graduate student in the Pharmaceutical Sciences at Rutgers University, New Jersey was one of six graduate students to be awarded the prestigious Excipient Graduate Student Scholarships sponsored by the IPEC Foundation for this year. This award recognizes excellence in research conducted at the graduate level in the field of excipients.

Students with recent significant contributions to formulation science and technology through innovative research with excipients are selected for this award and scholarship winners are those individuals who have provided the most outstanding contributions to the field through their current work.

Tannaz utilized nanotechnology to encapsulate adapalene in tyrosine-derived nanospheres (TyroSpheres) to facilitate skin delivery. The purpose of the study was to develop an alternative topical formulation of adapalene to the hair follicles and minimize skin irritation. She has independently designed experiments and has data to support that the new adapalene formulations she designed have superior delivery into hair follicles compared to an existing commercially marketed product. Her poster title: “Development of a Novel Adapalene Formulation for the Treatment of Acne.” The IPEC Foundation 2015 Award Recipients will be recognized and honored during the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) 2015 Annual Meeting October 25 in Orlando, Florida.

*Tannaz Ramezanli is a Ph.D. student and a member of the Michniak Laboratory for Drug Delivery at Rutgers University.

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