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Zeta Fraction™ technology platform

We were doubly delighted to announce AkzoNobel has become our latest Gold level member and to have Michael Koganov, AkzoNobel’s Biomaterials Research Director for Surface Chemistry speak at our recent Natural Products Day event.

Michael spoke about Unlocking Potential of Living Plants for Skin Health with Novel Technology. He is primarily responsible for heading up the Zeta Fraction™ technology platform across all of the company’s businesses. He was a co-founder of Integrated Botanical Technologies, which developed proprietary Zeta Fraction™ technology and was acquired by AkzoNobel in 2011. With Zeta Fraction™ technology the company is utilizing old knowledge from colloidal chemistry to extract the active ingredients from plants without resorting to the use of harsh organic solvents. Even though the chemistry for this has been  known it has never been utilized in this innovative way. The company can select and qualify plants based on their DNA sequence and collect those with maximum metabolic activity. They are then able to separate the intracellular colloidal dispersion from the plant fibers and do futher separation into specific fractions of required materials.

This technology is applicable to all plants and algae. The process if safe, multi-functional and highly reproducible and can be done at the source of the plant. Zeta Fraction™ technology enables us to unlock the underexplored potential of living plants and allows AkzoNobel’s customers to incorporate these highly desirable properties into their consumer products.