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Meet Yadiel

Yadiel Varela Soler was recently profiled on the Chemical & Biochemical Engineering webpage:

Yadiel presents at AIChE

Congratulations to Yadiel Varela-Soler on his presentation, “Evaluating Antimicrobial Drug Formulations on a 3D Biofilm Growth Model Under Simulated In Vivo Conditions” at this year’s AIChE meeting!

Swarnima presents at BMES

Congratulations to Swarnima Roychowdhury on her poster presentation entitled “Pharmacodynamic Model of Tobramycin and Colistin Activity Against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilms” at this year’s BMES conference!

New group members!

With the new academic year, we have incorporated several new members to the group. Welcome to: Christine Shi, BS-MS student, Biomedical Engineering Krishna Sookchand, ME student, Biomedical Engineering Veronica Farag, … Read More