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Nityananda Pal is Awarded the Riemen Award

Fourth-year graduate student from the Laboratory for Biomaterials Research (LBR), Nityananda Pal is awarded the Riemen Award, which recognizes exceptional performance in undergraduate teaching and is awarded annually to the best teaching assistants in the CCB department. Coming from a teaching family background; Nityananda enjoys to teach the undergraduate courses. According to his students, the best part about Nityananda is he gives some real-life examples in order to elucidate the teaching materials that really helps them a lot to understand the study materials and also encourages them to think out of the box.

The Rieman Award was established by the heirs of the late Dr William Rieman, III. Dr Rieman was the first person to receive a PhD in Chemistry from Rutgers in 1925 and served for many years as a faculty member and finally Chair of the School of Chemistry, the Rutgers College Chemistry Department. A noted analytical chemist, Dr Rieman was very interested in undergraduate education.