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Since joining Rutgers as a research faculty in 2018, I have had the pleasure of working alongside many of our T32 fellows and associates.  Aside from being exceptionally innovative and driven, what they have received from the program is what many of us was not fortunate enough to come across:  a real deep-dive test-drive of the working world, all before graduation.  Our T32 fellows and associates work under close guidance of not just academic advisors, but also industrial mentors and clinicians.  Originally termed “training without borders”, our T32 has aimed our graduates with the ability to work in a cross-functional team.  Our graduates know from a practical standpoint how to effectively seek out voice of customers, to convert the voice of customer to controllable outputs, to take advantage of project management tools, and to develop their innovative research concepts into more translation-ready technologies.

It’s my great honor to be able to contribute to this unique post-doctoral training program, now as a program manager.  As I truly believe that the best intangible asset of any organization in any sector is its people, providing the crucial training to prepare our bright fellows and associates for the real world through our T32 simply makes sense.

Kim-phuong Le, PhD