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Jarrod Cohen


As a 5th year graduate student, my research focuses on new polymer design for use in a broad range of applications including tissue regeneration, drug delivery, and biofabrication. Primarily, my thesis is focused around understanding structure-property-function correlations of tyrosol derived polyarylates for the efficient design of materials for biomedical applications. Main responsibilities in the lab include collaborative projects with academia and industry as well as manager of the polymer synthesis lab. Currently, my projects consist of: (i) polymeric scaffolds for the delivery of hydrophobic and hydrophilic APIs, (ii) 3D printable bioinks with tunable properties including bioactivity, (iii) incorporation of bioactive molecules into tyrosol-derived polymers for enhanced functionality and enzymatic degradation, and  (iv) analytical characterization of both small compounds and macromolecules. I bring previous experience of research in an analytical lab as well as several years of industry internships for both pharmaceutical and medical device companies.