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Nityananda Pal

PhD Candidate

N. Pal

I am a PhD student in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology department, currently working in the Laboratory for Biomaterials Research (LBR). I have extensive research experience spread over 5+ years in multidisciplinary fields like Biomaterials, Polymer, Systemic drug delivery, Synthetic organic chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Organometallics & Catalysis, C-H activation, Organic methodology.

My Master’s thesis at IIT Kanpur (India) was on “Synthesis of Ruthenium-based Pincer complex catalyst and its application in N-alkylation of amines”. Currently in LBR; I have developed a library of novel biodegradable (polyester) polymeric biomaterials with easily tunable hydrophobic backbone. This polymeric library can form a micelle in aqueous medium within 40 nm to 140 nm size range and has the potential to load different hydrophobic drugs (e.g. Curcumin, Dexamethasone etc.) and release those drugs in a systemic manner. I will further test my polymeric nanospheres for specific biological applications. I would like to explore the self-assembling and supramolecular assemblies for delivery of hydrophobic drugs, in near future. Outside the lab, I practice Yoga & Exercise regularly; enjoy traveling, gardening, listening to music, writing poem and play myriad games like Cricket, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis etc.