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Fatima Buevich, PhD


Dr. Fatima Buevich is a chemist with 20+ years of industry experience in biomaterials, medical devices and controlled drug release. She has her Ph.D. from Moscow State University in Russia. Fatima has worked as an R&D scientist, product development engineer, and design control specialist. As part of the team at TYRX Inc (previously Advanced Materials Design), she played an essential part in the development, FDA approval, and successful commercialization of the TYRX antibacterial envelope and TYRX absorbable antibacterial envelope. When TYRX was acquired by Medtronic plc in 2013, she continued her research and was elected a Technical Fellow of Medtronic, Class of Spring 2017 in recognition of her achievements.

Dr. Buevich holds 15 US patents and 14 international patents, published 8 peer-reviewed papers, and presented at more than 30 conferences. She joined Rutgers University in 2018 and currently working in the Laboratory for Biomaterials Research managing industrial collaboration projects and supervising a group of chemistry postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.