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The Laboratory for Biomaterials Research (LBR) under the leadership of Professor Joachim Kohn engages in all aspects of biomaterials science and engineering. The activities of the LBR are organized around 4 thrust areas:  (1) Design and synthesis of new monomers and polymers for medical applications, (2) Material and polymer science including physical characterization of polymers, and polymer processing, (3) Materiobiology, defined as the exploration of the biological effects of biomaterials as well as the interactions of living tissues with implants and devices, (4) Applications engineering and the translation of new biomaterials for innovative applications in drug delivery, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering.  The LBR stands out because of its truly comprehensive research program that includes all major aspects of biomaterials science.



Design, Synthesis, and Optimization of Monomers and Polymers, Physical, Chemical, and Biological Characterization and Fabrication, Material Interactions with Cells and Tissues, Engineered Prototypes


Cardiovascular Applications, Cancer Therapies, Ophthalmic Applications, Orthopedic Applications, Peripheral Nerve Regeneration, Wound Care, Controlled Drug Delivery Devices and Implants