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Nityananda Pal is Awarded the Riemen Award

Fourth-year graduate student from the Laboratory for Biomaterials Research (LBR), Nityananda Pal is awarded the Riemen Award, which recognizes exceptional performance in undergraduate teaching and is awarded annually to the best teaching assistants in the CCB department. Coming from a teaching family background; Nityananda enjoys to teach the undergraduate courses. According to his students, the … Read More

Dr. Jarrod Cohen Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Jarrod Cohen successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in November 2020! His work stretched from the design through to the characterization of novel devices for biomedical applications. Jarrod gained many skills working in the LBR including his ability to think translationally. His work shined and enabled him to get a job which he started January 2021 … Read More

LBR Celebrates Graduating Students, Spring 2020

Amish Patel, Biomedical Engineering “Congratulations, Amish!  I am so happy to see a person who started hesitatingly but with understated confidence accomplish so much.  First-author paper in a high-impact journal is a big deal.  To do this work you learnt and used many techniques, quartz crystal microbalance, atomic force microscopy and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy just to … Read More

T32 Immersion Week 2020

  An annual event which brings together this community to connect in-person. Translational Advisory Board (TAB) members, Faculty Mentors, Trainees, and Affiliate postdocs come together for professional development, seminars, business meetings, scientific presentations, and team building. The 2020 agenda included the following: Six Sigma Design of Experiments training Responsible Conduct of Research training Venture capital … Read More

Dr. Xiaohuan (Grace) Wu Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

Improving the Bioactivity of Polymeric Bone Regenerative Scaffolds Through Physically and Chemically Incorporated Molecules Segmental reconstruction of weight-bearing long bones is particularly challenging and can result in significant disability to patients. Although autografts and allografts are widely used in the clinic, the development of artificial bone graft substitutes (BGSs) continues to be an area of … Read More

Dr. Joseph Molde Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

ENGINEERING L-TYROSINE BASED POLYCARBONATE COPOLYMERS AS DEGRADABLE DEVICES FOR LONG-TERM, LOCALIZED DELIVERY OF A HYDROPHOBIC MACROLIDE IMMUNOSUPPRESSANT TO PREVENT TRANSPLANT REJECTION Advances in surgical techniques and immunology have enabled transplantation of vascularized composite tissue allografts (VCAs, e.g., upper extremity, face, genitourinary tissues) to treat complex soft tissue injuries and extremity amputations.  However, more than 85% … Read More