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Adam Jardine at Princeton Phonology Forum

Prof. Adam Jardine will be giving a talk at the Princeton Phonology Forum (PɸF) on March 19, 2021. The theme for this year’s workshop is `Tone and phonological theory’.  To join Adam at this workshop, please register here. The title and abstract are as follows: “Tone: computation, representation, and learning” : Hyman (2011) states that “anyone … Read More

Yimei Xiang in Natural Language Semantics

Yimei Xiang (Faculty) has a new paper out ‘online first’ in Natural Language Semantics. The paper can be freely accessed here: Details below. Congratulations Yimei! Xiang, Yimei. Higher-order readings of wh-questions. Natural Language Semantics (2021). Abstract In most cases, a wh-question calls for an answer that names an entity in the set denoted … Read More

Mariapaola D’Imperio in First Language

A new paper by Mariapaola D’Imperio (Faculty) and colleagues at the University of Milan-Biocca is now out ‘online first’ in the journal First Language. They study the impact of early cochlear implantation on children and conclude that children implanted early use intonation patterns just like children of the same age with typical hearing do. Details … Read More

Mark Baker in this week’s Linguistic Flash Mob

Mark Baker (Faculty) debates Case with Julie Legate (Penn) in this week’s “linguistic flash-mob” on Thursday, 21 Jan, 2021 at noon ET. The debate revolves around the following three questions/points: Are direct cases a by-product of Agree or do they derive from the algorithm of dependent case? How do you account for ergative vs. accusative … Read More

Adam McCollum at Keio and International Christian Universities

Adam McCollum (Faculty) will give a talk titled ‘Tutrugbu and the nature of unbounded feature spreading’ as part of the Keio and International Christian Universities’ Linguistics Colloquium series on the 28th of January, 2020. The series organizers, both with Rutgers links, Seunghun J. Lee (PhD ’08) and Shigeto Kawahara (former faculty member) have encouraged Rutgers … Read More

Rutgers @ LSA Annual Meeting 2021

Rutgers Linguistics was well-represented at this year’s LSA Annual Meeting. Jiaxing Yu, Akane Ohtaka, Shiori Ikawa and Troy Messick presented posters at various general sessions. Mark Baker (who was also inducted as an LSA Fellow this year) and Deepak Alok had talks in a symposium titled “The features of allocutivity, honorifics and social relation”. Titles … Read More

Mark Baker elected LSA Fellow

Mark Baker, Distinguished Professor, department chair and fellow linguist, has been elected as a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America! Fellows are elected each year for “their distinguished contributions to the discipline”. Mark and eight other linguists will be inducted as Fellows on Jan 8, 2021 at the LSA Annual Meeting. Hearty congratulations Mark! … Read More

Morgan Moyer and Prof. Kristen Syrett Published in WIREs Cog Sci

Graduate student Morgan Moyer and Prof. Kristen Syrett have published a paper, titled, “The Study of Questions”, in WIREs Cognitive Science! The abstract is below: “Asking questions is a fundamental aspect of human nature. Languages all around the world encode interrogative constructions. It is therefore incumbent upon semanticists to capture the meaning of questions. However, … Read More

Deepak Alok’s Paper Accepted in “Syntax”!

A paper by graduate student Deepak Alok has been accepted for publication in “Syntax“! The paper, titled The Morphosyntax of Magahi Addressee Agreement, looks at allocutive agreement in Magahi (Eastern Indo-Iranian). The abstract is below: “This paper analyzes ‘addressee agreement’ (“allocutive agreement”) in Magahi, an Eastern Indo-Aryan language. Magahi finite verbs encode honorificity (e.g., social … Read More

Daniel Altshuler Starts New Position as Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow at Univ. of Oxford

We’re thrilled to announce that our alumnus Daniel Altshuler will be starting a new position as an Associate Professor in Semantics at the University of Oxford, in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, with a Tutorial Fellowship at Jesus College and a Lectureship at Brasenose College next month! Congratulations, Daniel!  We wish you all … Read More