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Sketching New Brunswick: The Town

If you have never visited Rutgers – New Brunswick, we have some sketches for you to fill in the blanks. 

The galleries of Sketching New Brunswick presented New Brunswick in Sketches: The Town with images featuring examples of Urban Sketching, a way to create shared experiences by documenting, collecting, and sharing drawings from our campus and daily life as we know it.

The project was very popular as a distracting, artistic activity during the pandemic, when everyone was locked up and was feeling antsy. Without any background in art, students, faculty, and staff of the Rutgers University New Brunswick’s community were happily sketching throughout the month of November and the first week in December in 2020 and 2021 upon weekly prompts.

Read more about the experience in Urban Sketching, including some sketches. The conclusion was that urban sketching also relieves stress, hones observational and analytical skills, and forces us to take a moment to stop and “draw the roses.”

Exhibits from the projects, along with more background are availabe in the Guide to Urban Sketching.

The second installment of the Town & Gown sketches will bring you to the town of New Brunswick after the first collection of campus sketches. If you feel inspired just grab a pencil and try sketching!

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