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Staff Picks: Encyclopedia Titanica

Rabbit holes are curious things. One moment you click on an article that a social media algorithm tossed onto your feed based on your likes, clicks, and general activity, and three hours later you are an armchair expert in a subject you never paid attention to before. It may be a one-off thing. Maybe your … Read More

Librarians Speaking: Voices from Ukraine

It was 6 pm in Ukraine, 9 am in California, and 12 pm in New Jersey on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, when 300 librarians gathered virtually for an international Zoom event initiated by a librarian at UC Berkeley. For an hour and a half, we were listening to personal accounts of our Ukrainian colleagues related … Read More

Library Research Skills: Posters by SEBS Students

The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) is committed to support students throughout their studies at Rutgers. The SEBS Academic Support page provides not only an Academic Success Calendar, but also lists two special courses. Organized by the Office of Academic Programs, the Academic Mentoring course aims to help first-generation SEBS students with their transition … Read More

Books We Read About Ukraine

When the world wakes up to the news, the librarian ponders: What do we know about Ukraine? What do we have in our collection? Preferably in English? A lot? Not enough? Anywhere in between? An advanced search with QuickSearch, the Rutgers University Libraries search engine, on (Ukraine OR Ukrainian) as “Subject” narrowed down to books … Read More

Updated Resource: Guide to the Recreational Reading Collection

Looking for a good book to read? Aren’t we all? 2022 has barely started, working and learning off campus, which will soon bring stress back into our everyday lives. Did you know that New Brunswick Libraries have a special Recreational Reading Collection? Located in the Carr Library, the more than 1,000 books in the collection … Read More