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How We Read: Immersion

The Books We Read Blog is conducting a series of interviews with contributors and friends of the blog to get a snapshot of our reading habits: the things we like to read, the circumstances in which we read, and more.

Lindsey Jones works as a Graduate Assistant at the reference desk in the Douglass Library while pursuing a PhD in Musicology. She joined Books We Read in Fall 2021. Read all  posts by Lindsey Jones.

What kinds of books do you like to read?
I tend to bounce around from genre to genre––feminist theory non-fiction, witty trending fiction, classic literature, philosophy and memoirs.

Do you have format preferences (print, ebook, audiobook, abridged, original language/translated, etc.)?
I prefer print copies of books in most situations. Second would be audiobooks. I listen to them while taking long runs or long drives.

How do you find new books to read?
My current read was gifted to me ––a lot of books come recommended either by people in my life or the NYTimes book review. I always have a running list going on my phone in case I’m unsure of what to read next.

Where and when do you read? Outdoors or indoors? At home or out and about? Mornings, evenings, or just before bed?
My favorite place to read is in the bath. However, I shy away from reading books of friends or the library in there. Second would have to be by the pool. However, since I moved up from Miami, this is a less frequent occurrence. I also love to read first thing in the morning with coffee while sitting by the window––just as the sun is coming up. In order to keep momentum with whatever I’m reading (educational or for pleasure), I set a goal to read ten pages during this morning session. (Today’s read!) Usually it takes off and I’m happy to keep reading. If not, at least I accomplished a little something to keep moving forward.

Do you use any libraries or library resources for non-required reading?
Yes, as much as I love browsing the shelves myself, the pick-up request feature from other Rutgers libraries or ILL makes borrowing books feel like shopping on Amazon. It’s dangerously easy. The other day I was reading some article in the arts section of the newspaper and got interested in Calder’s earrings. The next day I picked up a large picture book of his paintings and sculptures, requested online in 2 clicks.

What do you get out of your non-required reading?
A lot of the time, ideas I’m working out through my research crop up in non-required reading. Other times, I get pure diversion and the pleasure that comes from immersing in something else for a while.

What are you currently reading, or what have you read and enjoyed most recently?
Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart, just wrote a post about it.

Recommend a book in one sentence that you think everyone should read:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson – appearances of coffee and sandwiches repeatedly peppered the plot, inspiring me to eat simply like the detective characters and finish the entire series in a single binge-reading episode.