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Knowledge is Power: Public Health Documentaries

Rutgers Libraries have a lot to offer. In addition to traditional content like books and journal articles, we also provide visual media. If books aren’t sparking your interest or you want to shake up your current mode of entertainment, you can find videos in our collection by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit the Rutgers library homepage
  2. Search for a topic of interest in the QuickSearch searchbox
  3. Filter by “Resource Type” on the left hand side of the page to “Video”
  4. Once you have found a title, click on “View Online”
  5. Log in with your NetID to watch the selected video

We’ve put together a list of 5 documentaries about viral outbreaks and infectious disease that you can access through Rutgers Libraries. Hopefully, understanding the science behind pandemics and viral infections can help you take back some control.

What about the Virus Care?

As the title suggests What about the Virus Care is a documentary about all things virus. From the fundamentals of virus function to vaccines, you will get a broad overview of what scientists know and don’t know about viruses.

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Pandemic: A Horizon Guide

In this BBC documentary they examine numerous pandemics throughout human history to uncover how pandemics occur, the infectious diseases behind them, and what needs to be done to prepare in the future.

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Spanish Flu the Forgotten Fallen

Dr. James Niven is recognized as having made considerable contributions to slow the spread of the Spanish flu in Manchester, England. This documentary showcases his selfless efforts and the struggle of combatting the disease.

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Virus Hunters

Explore the vast reaches of the Amazon with this documentary about virus hunters who travel the world searching for the next potential threat to human health. Viruses that lurk in animals and environments, once found and studied, may be able to provide scientists with a map to prevent the next outbreak. Check this out if you need a dose of adventure with your science.

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Return of the Black Death

The mystery of what caused the Black Death is unveiled in this documentary about the horrific and deadly pandemic that killed about one-third the population of Europe. The cause was the subject of significant debate among scientists, but the secret lies in skeletons unearthed from a plague cemetery. Mysterious and riveting, this is definitely a title to check out!

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