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Stressbusters 2021: Virtual Pet Therapy

Can you spot the cute puppy in the picture, waiting for the holidays to come? Just like most of us.

At this time last year we were fully online. That’s when we started to round up our favorite furry coworkers for a virtual pet therapy. We have added a few more images since then.

As we can’t just yet bring the puppies to the library for an in-house stressbuster event, we are sharing the

picture gallery of our pets.


They have been supporting us every day in the remote working environment since the new normal started. Their persistent, albeit counterproductive offers to help never stopped, often making our day, or alternatively, making our day …. [add your preferred description right here, ours changes daily].

We hope you will take a moment to look at some pet pictures and have a good laugh too.

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Sketches by Megan Lotts, art librarian