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Sketching Anywhere

The third Urban Sketching post of the summer aims to take us around the world. If you followed our post about sketching New Brunswick: The Campus and The Town, you are already familiar with the idea.

Urban Sketching is a way to create shared experiences by documenting, collecting, and sharing drawings from our daily life.

The third part presents sketching everywhere and anywhere: on the road, at the airport, on vacation, at conferences, or at our favorite ice-cream place. Virtual trips may serve as a refreshing change, such as we discussed in our post Around the World in 80 days. Other than recommending Jules Verne’s evergreen novel and its spinoffs, the links also take the reader to beautiful, albeit abandoned cities via drone recordings during the pandemic.

We hope that these sketches will distract from the hard work or even inspire to try sketching, but, at a minimum, help you complete your studies after the refreshing moments you spend browsing and daydreaming.

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