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Poetry and Recipes

In addition to my position at Rutgers as a part-time business librarian, I am also a food writer and historian. While the vocations might not seem connected, they really do work well in tandem. The database-searching proficiency I gleaned through my M.L.S. (Rutgers, 1997) combined with many years working in corporate libraries allows me to … Read More

Staff Picks: Severance

Although published pre-COVID, Ling Ma’s brilliant debut novel Severance eerily mirrors the pandemic that has upended our world for the past year and a half. In Severance, Shen Fever is the devastating disease, a bizarre syndrome that induces a zombie-like feverish condition, which proves fatal for anyone infected. Main character Candace Chen, a twentysomething first-generation … Read More

The Man Who Ate Too Much

“Not all our food history is set down in cookbooks” (James Beard, American Cookery) The backbone of American cookery rests squarely on the shoulders of the late, great James Beard. A culinary arts foundation that recognizes chefs, restaurateurs, authors and journalists with prestigious awards is named in his honor. His life and experiences are extremely … Read More