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Staff Picks: Encyclopedia Titanica

Rabbit holes are curious things. One moment you click on an article that a social media algorithm tossed onto your feed based on your likes, clicks, and general activity, and three hours later you are an armchair expert in a subject you never paid attention to before. It may be a one-off thing. Maybe your … Read More

Staff Picks: Matrix by Lauren Groff

I had seen positive reviews for Matrix by Lauren Groff, so when I found the book listed in the Recreational Reading Collection, I picked it up. I have been interested in the history of the Middle Ages since high school, and reading historical fiction about the period inspired me to pursue Medieval Studies as one … Read More

Genres in the Recreational Reading Collection

With over 1,000 books, the Carr Library Recreational Reading Collection offers a wide variety of genres — something for virtually everyone to read. The collection features some of its own genres that can be found under “Subjects,” which might sound different from the general collection at Rutgers University Libraries. The filters in the left panel, however, … Read More

Food Fiction at Carr

“Food fiction” is a broad genre that can include nuances of other categories such as humor, mystery, romance, history, self-reflection, etc. The list is endless. As a foodie, I’m always interested to see how an author can weave food or cooking into a fictional narrative. Sometimes it can be subtle touches, such as the celebrity … Read More

Updated Resource: Guide to the Recreational Reading Collection

Looking for a good book to read? Aren’t we all? 2022 has barely started, working and learning off campus, which will soon bring stress back into our everyday lives. Did you know that New Brunswick Libraries have a special Recreational Reading Collection? Located in the Carr Library, the more than 1,000 books in the collection … Read More