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Books They Write – Celebration of Scholarship 2023

The Books We Read team is planning to attend the Celebration of Scholarship at New Brunswick Libraries this year again in Douglass Library on Wednesday, November 8, 2022 from 4 pm to 6 pm. The event highlights accomplishments of Rutgers authors with displays of books, book chapters, journal articles, recordings, and more published in 2022-2023 academic year.
We at Books We Read are proud of our bloggers, who are also accomplished authors of books, book chapters, and journal articles, and as such, have works displayed each year. Last year we advertised the celebratory event writing about a Hungarian title by a Rutgers sociology professor. This year’s highlight is the shameless self promotion of my own work, also written in Hungarian, published in 2023, as mentioned in this interview.

Here’s a brief teaser about the book, which definitely builds on the Books We Read project, especially with our strong focus on bibliotherapy-centered library programming..

Keresztúton (Crossroads) is the second collection of Judit Hajnal Ward’s short stories following Tintásüveg (Ink Well) published by l’Harmattan in Hungarian in 2019. Both were inspired by the Reading for Recovery project at the Center of Alcohol Studies Library, taking bibliotherapy in a new direction – not just reading and cataloging stories for bibliotherapeutic purposes, but her own writing. With a focus on addiction-centered bibliotherapy, this book provides twelve new stories related to substance use, along with prompts to inspire a dialog and self reflection, as well as introducing the methodology of guided reading and how to get the most out of these texts.

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