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Genres in the Recreational Reading Collection

OceanWith over 1,000 books, the Carr Library Recreational Reading Collection offers a wide variety of genres — something for virtually everyone to read.

The collection features some of its own genres that can be found under “Subjects,” which might sound different from the general collection at Rutgers University Libraries.

The filters in the left panel, however, work in the same way. Results can be sorted by date, newest, or oldest.

You may want to explore the “Subject” filter to view and discover diverse genres and topics in the collection.

How to Find Popular Genres

Th example below presents how to find “Fantasy Fiction” in the Recreational Reading Collection. Follow the steps to find the next book to read in your favorite genre by choosing yours in the drop down menu.

  • Click on the link with our canned search to find all books in the collection
  • Use the “Subject” drop down in the left panel to find “Fantasy Fiction”
  • Click on the subject to select (or check multiple boxes for more than one)
  • Click on each record to read more about each title
  • Remember to log in with your NetID to see delivery options

TIP: After opening the record of a book you like, scroll all the way down on your screen and start browsing the collection virtually for similar titles.

Popular Genres

with Links to Canned Searches

The links below will show results of searching for various genres, one at a time. Use them as starting points to find the book you would like to read.

See examples for more genres in the left panel.

Fantasy Fiction Would you like to escape to a world full of magical elements? Do you prefer plots with no basis in scientific facts? Then fantasy fiction is for you.

Murder Investigation Fiction A genre with a large number of results in the collection featuring a wide variety of crime stories. See also other genres under Subject.

Man Woman Relationship Fiction “Man Woman Relationship Fiction” is just another fancy name for what many previous catalogs called traditional romance novels. Or not? One way to find out!

Life Change Events Fiction A genre with titles relevant for different age groups during the most difficult times in their lives, “Life Change Events Fiction” novels offer something for everyone.

Mothers and Daughters Fiction Yes, there’s a special genre for “Mothers and Daughters Fiction,” in case you’re one of the lucky ones who never faced this issue. For the rest of us, reading remains the best therapy.