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Stressbuster: Virtual Pet Therapy

Lego woman with dogs
Click on image to see the Stressbuster Page for more ideas.

This would be the time in the New Brunswick Libraries when you could start thinking about the cute puppies to pet at one of the stressbuster events. As a second-best kind of substitute, we are sharing

pictures of our pets

many of whom had recently been promoted to coworkers in the remote working environment (as a result of their persistent, albeit counterproductive, offers to help).

Do you have pictures of your pets? A cute puppy? That kitten with a head tilt? Upload your image for the ultimate stressbuster, a virtual pet therapy slide show.

Need a stressbuster in a group setting? Join us for another fun stressbuster event on Friday, December 11, 2 pm called

Graphic design is my passion! How to create irresistible content for social media

We are going to walk you through how to create virtual holiday cards or images for social media with the help of Canva, the online app we used for both examples on this page. Registration required.You will receive a link after completing the registration.

To see our pets, click on the sketches of the dogs created by Megan Lotts, Art Librarian for the Rutgers Urban Sketching Project in November and December 2020.