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Updated Resource: Guide to the Recreational Reading Collection

Looking for a good book to read? Aren’t we all? 2022 has barely started, working and learning off campus, which will soon bring stress back into our everyday lives.

Did you know that New Brunswick Libraries have a special Recreational Reading Collection?

Located in the Carr Library, the more than 1,000 books in the collection are available to current Rutgers affiliates for local browsing and pick up, as well as delivery to another Rutgers library.

Currently, these books are also available via contactless services, such as

A recently published research guide for the collection provides ideas on how to find books to read for fun, one of the best methods to take a break from studies and work.

The collection is currently managed by us, the librarians behind the Books We Read project, an initiative based in the Chang Science Library, focused on promoting reading in various settings. Recent programs include Summer Tales 2021, a summer session reading program, and contributions to Banned Books Week 2021. In addition to Stressbuster ideas, Books We Read also features Staff Picks and Holiday Reads.

When you have a chance, please check out our updated guide for ideas how to find books to read for fun or just start browsing the collection. For tips how to refine your search, you may want consult our guide or ask a librarian. Read also the previous post introducing the RecRead Collection as it is called in librarianese.

Escape to a world full of magic with a fantasy book. Exercise your deductive skills with a mystery. Scare yourself with a horror story. Imagine the future with a science fiction tale. Dream about your perfect partner with a romance novel. There’s something for everyone!

Have we missed something? Feel free to contact us with book recommendations too.