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Judit H. Ward


Judit H. Ward is the resident science librarian on the Cook Campus and program director of Books We Read. A research librarian with interest in multidisciplinary and cross-cultural topics throughout her entire career, she is currently focusing on promoting reading in various settings. She was PI on Reading for Recovery, a project funded by the American Library Association to advance the therapeutic use of reading among people grappling with addiction. She is the author of Tintásüveg and Keresztúton, bibliotherapy readers in Hungarian, published by L’Harmattan. She is the co-author, with Nicholas Allred, of The Librarian’s Guide to Bibliotherapy.

Judit H. Ward earned her doctoral degree in linguistics at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, after completing her master level studies in English and Hungarian literature and linguistics. She received her MLIS at Rutgers. She loves audiobooks, reading in multiple languages, and running long distances.


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