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Becoming a Librarian, Step 1: The MLIS

This post is part of our series to inspire students at the Summer Session to consider continuing their studies. When I tell people I’m getting a master’s degree to become a librarian, it’s often met with disbelief. Most people don’t know that most librarians need an ALA-accredited master’s degree focusing on library science and information … Read More

Harmony: What I learned from Summer Tales

The library is more than a house of information; it’s a community center. At libraries, we promote community work, learn new skills, and are given a space to simply hang out and be. It’s a less formalized place of learning where patrons aren’t restrained by classroom rigidity. At Rutgers, we have many libraries to serve … Read More

Chatting with Carmen Maria Machado

Motherhood, genre, and form took center stage during the first session of Summer Tales when we examined the story “Eight Bites” by Carmen Maria Machado. Machado is the author of Her Body and Other Parties, in which the SummerTales story selection “Eight Bites” is published; and In the Dream House, a memoir on her experience … Read More

In the Dream House and the Importance of Naming

Please note: This post discusses abusive relationships. If you or someone you know needs support regarding domestic or dating violence, please go to The National Domestic Violence Hotline or Rutgers Counseling Services. Carmen Marie Machado (the first author being examined in our Summer Tales program) doesn’t pull punches when exposing the grotesque realities of humanity. … Read More