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Language Preservation on Both Sides of the Iron Curtain

Matapris oli. The only sentence I remember from my one-semester course of an endangered Finno-Ugric language called Mansi, as part of the Master’s program at the Kossuth Lajos University (KLTE), Debrecen, Hungary at the end of the 1970s. To fulfill the requirements in diachronic linguistics, we had to pick one language from the Finno-Ugric language … Read More

Poetry and Recipes

In addition to my position at Rutgers as a part-time business librarian, I am also a food writer and historian. While the vocations might not seem connected, they really do work well in tandem. The database-searching proficiency I gleaned through my M.L.S. (Rutgers, 1997) combined with many years working in corporate libraries allows me to … Read More

Persimmons… friend or foe?

In November of 2009 a boy named Brady invited me out to his farm home in Creal Springs, Illinois, which is roughly 45 mins outside of Carbondale, Illinois (SIUC) where I lived at the time, and where we met. Brady’s home was a natural paradise and plant lover’s dream as the farm had once been … Read More

New Resource: Guide to Poetry Books We Read

Celebrating Poetry Month in April 2021 inspired us at Books We Read to develop a new library guide called Books We Read: Poetry. The guide offers suggested poems as well as secondary readings to deepen enjoyment and understanding of poetry. We understand that reading poetry might look like a challenge. Many people think they don’t … Read More

Poets to Try

Looking to get into poetry but not sure where to start? We’ve got some ideas, cross-posted here from our upcoming LibGuide called Books We Read: Poetry. Take a look at the LibGuide for even more suggestions and resources! Poets to start with: Billy Collins is the first poet I recommend to people who think they don’t … Read More