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The Feature Tabs module is a layout tool that adds to a page interactive tabs that display different sets of content when clicked.

Appearance On The Site

This module appears as a bold, centered header above a rectangular container with a set of one or more clickable tabs. Clicking any of these tabs will display the content assigned to that particular tab.

The first of these tabs will be displayed by default until another tab is clicked. Each tab can also be assigned a unique background image to be displayed behind its content.

Content Builder Control

The Section Header field will center any input in bold text above the Feature Tab module.

Inputting text into the Label field will display it as the title of that particular tab.

The tab’s Background Image can be configured by adding an image from your site’s Media Library. For best results, this image should be no smaller than 715 x 500.

Under Content you can add any text and media you’d like to be displayed in the tab using a standard WYSIWYG editor. This text is superimposed over an transparent black background to increase readability.

You can add more tabs to the module as needed by clicking the Add Tab button.

Feature Tabs module as viewed in the Dashboard


Video Tutorial