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The Customizer is a great way of visually altering global elements of your site, like the header and footer.

The Customizer can be found on the live site by clicking Customize in the Admin Bar, or within the dashboard sidebar under Appearance, again by clicking Customize.

Customize button highlighted in Admin Bar
Customize button selected in Dashboard sidebar

Within the Customizer, you will see a sidebar to the left with a number of customization options within its drop-down menus.

Beside it is a visual preview of your site that will update automatically to reflect any changes you make using the Customizer options.

Customizer menu and visual editor

These changes are not made permanent until you click the “Publish” button at the top of the Customizer menu.

Please note that the Customizer is accessible only to Site Owners, Co-Site Owners, and Support Agents.

A number of editing options and features can be found within the Customizer, including:

Editing options for Menus and Widgets can also be found within the site dashboard.

Screen Size

You can preview your site in the Customizer in three different views: desktop, tablet, and mobile. These view options are available at the very bottom of the Customizer menu.

screen size tabs in customizer
Desktop, tablet, and mobile screen size options

Choosing any view will modify the size of the preview screen to fit the dimensions of your chosen device.

This feature allows you to easily preview how your site will look across multiple devices in order to create an optimal experience for all users.