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Menus allow those who visit your site to easily navigate through it and find the information that they are seeking. Menus can be found in the dashboard view, under Appearance.

Menus under Appearance in the dashboard view

Creating a New Menu

Where a new menu is created, and previously made menus are selected to be edited

To add a menu, simply click create a new menu. Name your menu, and click Create Menu. Select a menu from the drop-down, then click the Select button, to edit it.

The full menu editor in the dashboard view

Adding Menu Items

Pages, posts, custom links, and more can all be menu items. Simply open one of the drop-downs to the left, select what you want to add to your menu, and click Add to Menu. You can add or remove available menu items by opening the Screen Options at the top right of the page.

Some of the items that can be added to a menu

Menu Structure and Settings

Menu structure and setting options

Rearrange the order of menu items by dragging them around. You can also make a menu item a drop-down by placing other menu items beneath it, turning them into sub-items. Opening a menu item once it has been added to a menu will allow you to then change its label.

Header Menu (Primary Navigation)

The Header Menu, or your site’s Primary Navigation bar, will always be present no matter what page of your site a person has visited. As such, it should be intuitive and easy to use; be careful, too many header menu tabs will force a new row of tabs! As well, too many sub-items in a menu tab will extend the drop-down to excessive length, so be sure to organize menu items accordingly.

Deleting a Menu

To delete a menu, simply select the menu, then click Delete Menu below the Menu Settings.

Menus in the Customizer

Regardless of what page you are in within the Customizer, all menus will be available to edit. Clicking Menus within the customizer sidebar will open up a list of all the menus on your site.

From here you can open up a previously made menu by clicking on it. Change the Menu Name in the appropriate field. Open up a menu item to change its label, or add an entirely new menu item by clicking the Add Items button. Doing the latter will open up a list of possible items to add to a menu, which can be done so by simply clicking them and then entering their label.

Or you can create an entirely new menu from within the customizer, first by clicking the Create New Menu button, and then following the same process as when editing a previously made menu.

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