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Media” on Sites@Rutgers is a blanket term for many different forms of content, including images, documents, videos, and audio. You can easily upload media to your site using the Media Library for use on its pages and layout.

For best results, follow the guidelines below to know which kinds of media are compatible with the Sites@Rutgers platform.

Maximum File Size For All Media


Compatible Image File Types

.jpg | .jpeg | .png | .gif | .ico

Recommended Image Dimensions

Slider: No smaller than 1706 X 500

Featured Image: No smaller than 800 X 1079

Compatible Document File Types

.pdf | .doc | .docx | .pptx | .pps | .ppsx | .odt | .xls | .xlsx | .psd

Compatible Video File Types

.mp4 | .m4v | .mov | .wmv | .avi|.mpg | .ogv | .3gp | .3g2

Compatible Audio File Types

.mp3 | .m4a | .ogg | .wav

We recommend hosting any files exceeding 5MB externally using services like Box.

Videos hosted on select platforms can also be embedded using the Video Popup module.

Managing Media

Two simple ways to access and manage your site’s media are through the Add Media button atop every WYSIWIG text editor, or the Media tab on the left side of the dashboard.

Add Media button on WYSIWYG editor




Media tab in Dashboard sidebar





You can upload new items to your media library from this screen, as well as view, edit, or delete existing items.

View of Media Library

When uploading files, be sure to keep in mind the copyright regulations of all media that comes from an outside source.

You can view more information about using copyrighted content on Rutgers websites at the University Web Policy page on the University Communications and Marketing site.