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Every time you create a new People entry on your site, it is automatically added to the top of your site’s All People page.

Sample entries on the All People page

The All People page is different from regular pages or posts on your site in that it is an auto-populated listing of all the People entries you’ve created.

This means that it will automatically be updated whenever you add, edit, or delete a People entry.

Unlike normal pages or posts, the All People page cannot be directly edited or deleted from the dashboard.

Page URL

The All People page’s URL will always be set to

Example of a site’s All People page URL

This URL cannot be changed.

If a normal page is created on your site with this URL, it will redirect to the All People page. This can easily be fixed by changing the URL of the page you’ve created. 

People Entries

The title, featured image, and bio that you’ve set for each People entry will be displayed alongside their name on the All People page.

If you’ve added social media links to a People entry, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, they will display here in icon format.

A People entry as displayed on the All People page

To view any other details, users will have to click through to the Person’s individual page using the View Information button.

Adding to Menus

The All People page is a powerful way of displaying all the members of your organization at once, especially when linked from menus like the top navigation bar. 

However, since People pages are not grouped with the other pages and posts on your site, the process of adding them to menus is a bit different.

First of all, if you are managing menus through the dashboard Menus page, you’ll need to make sure that the People box is checked in the expandable Screen Options tab at the top of the page.

Unopened screen options tab
“People” box checked in Menu screen options

This will add the People section to the Menus module.

All People box checked in the People section of the Menu module

You can add the All People page to any menu by selecting the View All tab in the People section of the Menus module, and checking the All People box.

The All People page can then be added to the menu like you would any other page or post using the Add to Menu button.

The All People page as a menu item