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You may find it useful to sort the People on your site into specific categories that reflect the hierarchy of your organization. These categories are called People Types, and are a powerful way of managing your site’s People entries.

Creating People Types

There are multiple ways to create a new People Type on your site. The easiest way of doing this is to select the People Types tab under People in the Dashboard sidebar menu.

People Types tab in Dashboard sidebar

You can then fill out the form to create a new People Type.

Form for adding a new People Type

This form includes the following fields:

  • Name (what the People Type will be called)
  • Slug (how it will be displayed in the URL bar)
  • Parent People Type (if there’s another People Type you’d like this one categorized under)
  • Description (any personal notes you’d like to make; this field is not displayed anywhere on your site)

Click the “Add New People Type” button to create your new People Type, and it will be added to the list. It can then be assigned to any Person as you see fit.

You can also create a new People Type directly from the People Types module when creating or editing a People entry.

Creating a new People Type through the People Type module

Note that the Slug field is not available with this method, so your People Type’s URL will be automatically generated. This can later be edited from the People Type page if necessary.

Assigning People Types

You can assign a People Type to any person by using the People Types module to the right-hand side (or below, depending on your device’s display settings) of the WYSIWYG text editor when creating or editing a People page.

This module will list all the People Types you currently have on your site. You can choose to view them all at once with the All People Types tab, or pick common types from the Most Used tab.

Selecting a People Type in the People Type module

Check the corresponding box next to any People Type to assign it to the Person. You can select as many or as few People Types as you’d like.

Managing People Types

All the People Types on your site are displayed in table format on the People Types page.

table displaying people types and their corresponding details
List of People Types on a site and their corresponding details

You can edit, delete, or view any of your People Types from this page.

Editing options displayed for a People Type in table view

People Type Pages

Just like how the All People page is an automatically generated listing of all the People entries you’ve created on your site, People Type pages are an automatically generated listing of all the People entries that you’ve assigned a certain People Type.

Listing of all People entries assigned the Officer People Type

You can view this page for any People Type by clicking its View link on the People Type page. Alternatively, you can always reach it by following this URL formula:

Example of a site’s People Type listing URL

Make sure to replace the bolded parts with your site’s name and the URL slug for whatever People Type you want to look up.

Adding to Menus

People Type pages are a powerful way of grouping different members of your organization, especially when linked in a menu

However, since People pages are not grouped with the other pages and posts on your site, the process of adding them to menus is a bit different.

First of all, if you are managing menus through the dashboard Menus page, you’ll need to make sure that the People box is checked in the expandable Screen Options tab at the top of the page.

Unopened screen options tab

“People Types” box checked in expanded screen options tab
This will add the People Types section to the Menus module.
People Types box expanded in Customizer Menus module

To choose a People Type page, expand the People Types section of the Menus module, check its box, and select the “Add to Menu” button.

This page can then be added to the menu like you would any other page or post.

A People Type page as a menu item