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If you’re reading this because you’ve just received a Sites@Rutgers site, congratulations! We hope that this platform proves to be a useful and easy-to-use tool for your web presence here at Rutgers University. If you’re just browsing these first steps in getting started, we hope this guide will convince you to adopt this user-friendly development tool.

We hope you will like your Sites@Rutgers website. Pat yourself on the back for making a good decision. Cheers to you!

Sites@Rutgers utilizes the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress to allow Sites@Rutgers users to focus on creating and managing content without the hassle of knowing HTML or CSS. If you have experience using or managing a or site, you’ll feel very at home with this solution.

Use the navigation below and on the sidebar to navigate through the recommended steps to get started with your Sites@Rutgers site. You may also check out our video tutorial playlist.


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