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Once you’ve got your content set up and are ready to do some fine-tuning, you can easily alter even the smallest details of your site by making use of our robust administrative settings and layout options, such as Contact Information, Header Settings, Site Settings, Menus, Widgets, Sidebars & Footers, and Users and Roles.

Contact Information: Edit your contact information displayed in your site’s footer, and the email address to which messages submitted through the contact form will be sent.

Header Settings: Personalize your site’s header by choosing from a selection of Rutgers-branded colors and logos.

Site Settings: Make your site viewable to the public, or set it into maintenance mode until it is ready to be seen by visitors.

Menus: Develop your site’s navigation system by organizing its pages and posts into menus for both individual sections and the entire site.

Widgets: Configure the content of your site’s sidebars and footers using our robust selection of Widgets.

Sidebars & Footers: Display supplemental information or helpful links to your users by adding sidebars to your site or customizing your site’s footer.

Users and Roles: Add other users as contributors to your website in a variety of roles and levels of access.

You can learn more about all of these settings in the documentation’s Site Configuration section.

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