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Before launching your site, remember to either delete or set to private all unedited template content. Your site should be comprised of your content!

Once you’ve finished customizing every part of your site to your liking, you’re ready to launch!

However, in order to make your site visible to the public, you’ll need to disable Maintenance Mode first. Check our Site Settings documentation for more information on how to do this.

You have now finished familiarizing yourself with the basics of using Sites@Rutgers.

There are many more sections to the Sites@Rutgers Documentation that cover the topics that we have introduced in much greater detail, such as Managing Content, the Content Builder Modules, and Site Configuration. You are encouraged to use this website as a reference as you continue the process of building your site.

If you have any questions about using Sites@Rutgers that are not covered by the documentation, please refer to the FAQ, or contact the Sites@Rutgers Team so we can assist.