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The Multi-Columns module is a layout tool that allows you to add stylized columns to a page.

Appearance On The Site

This module appears on your site as a series of evenly spaced columns, each with its own header and content.

The width of each individual column is determined by the total number of columns currently added to the module.

Sample Multi-Columns

Column 1

Sample content

Column 2

Sample content

Content Builder Control

The Content tab of the Multi-Columns module allows you to configure the content and appearance of each column.

Under Section Header you can input a title to be displayed as a header above the entire set of columns.

For each individual column you can choose a Background Color, add a Header and compose Content using a standard WYSIWYG editor. You can add more columns as needed by clicking the Add Row button.

Multi-Columns module Content tab viewed in the Dashboard

The Row Settings tab allows you to configure the appearance of the module as a whole.

Selecting a Background Color will apply that color as a background to the entire module.

Adjusting the Row Padding number will change the white space at the top and bottom of the module.

Multi-Columns module Row Settings tab viewed in Dashboard