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Sites@Rutgers allows you to add a variety of content on your site.

Here’s a rundown of the types of content currently available on the platform:


Pages are used to share information or static content on your site.

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Posts are a specialized type of page intended to populate a blog or news section of your site.

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Events are dated listings that can be displayed on your site’s calendar and corresponding Events widgets.

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People pages are a way of representing individual members of your organization.

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Media Library

The Media Library contains all the assets that you have uploaded onto your site.

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Editing Features

Miscellaneous editing features that can help in the creation of content.

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Existing Placeholder Content

You’ll find that your site template comes with some placeholder content to guide you in creating new content of your own.

Make sure to personalize the placeholders to fit your needs before disabling Maintenance Mode, as leaving unaltered placeholder content on your site may confuse your users.