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Please note that your site will come with sample content that you may either edit, revert to draft status, or delete altogether before your site is launched.

There are five main types of content for you to use on your Sites@Rutgers site: Pages, Posts, Events, People, and Media.

Pages: Standard pages that you’d find on any website that will likely make up the bulk of your site’s content. Sites@Rutgers pages are highly customizable to allow you to easily create whatever unique content your website might require.

Posts: Similar to what you might find on a WordPress blog, posts are tagged entries capable of hosting all sorts of written and visual content. These can be incorporated into your site’s pages using various modules, and are as easy to use and customize as regular pages.

Events: Events are an easy way of creating and managing a calendar of your organization’s past and future events. Events can also be incorporated into your page modules, and are highly customizable.

People: Customizable entries that can serve as an individual’s profile page, or even compiled into a bird’s eye view of all the members of your organization.

Media: Ranging from videos, images, documents, and more, Media can serve to expand upon the information that your content details in ways that text can’t.

For more information on how to use these types of content, you can learn more in the Managing Content documentation section.

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